• More of the Moon

    Still waiting for my replacement tripod to arrive, I once again decided to do some hand held shots of the moon. Getting the crystal clear sharpness is incredibly tough hand held, and I'm still not that happy with the results.

    Moon Astrophotography Hand-Held Gothenburg Göteborg Sweden Europe
  • Hand Held Moon Shots

    Today I discovered that my new apartment's lounge windows offer a great viewing spot for the moon on those rare days when it is not covered by Gothenburg's near-permanent grey clouds. Having missed the once-in-four-hundred-years alignment of Jupiter and Saturn yesterday due to cloud cover, I thought I would at least shoot the moon when she' broke through the clouds.

    Moon Astrophotography Night Photography Tripod Craters
  • Observing the Moon

    Sunday evening was a cold clear night and a half moon over Gothenburg. I got out my 1D MkIII, 100-400mm Zoom and 2x extender and took it out into the cold of my garden. Learning from my previous session, I plugged in my laptop to do remote shooting rather than shooting from the back of the camera.

    moon Astrophotography night Night Photography
  • Gothenburg's Moon

    Its been quite some time since I did any astrophotography, but my new 100-400 lens has been waiting for the nights to get dark enough to start trying to catch the moon again. The ongoing issue of the weight of the lens, extender and body on my travel tripod makes maintaining sharp focus a challenge, and next time I'll be plugging my laptop instead of using the rear viewer for focusing and getting the shot centred. I may also borrow the heavy duty tripod from the office for a weekend.

    Europe Gothenburg Sweden Moon Astrophotography Night Photography
  • Astrophotography | The Moon

    It has been a while since I had the chance to get my telescope out.

    Astrophotography Moon Telescope