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2019 - Seeing Sweden



Åre is Swedens most famous ski resort. Not as far north as you might expect it is still a long way from Stockholm or Gothenburg. Travel there can be done by flying to the nearby airport and taking the bus or the more enjoyable Night Train, sleeping in a cabin and waking up at 8am on arrival in Åre ready to ski.

Restaurants & Bars

The town is a decent size and has a number of restaurants to recommend it, it also has a lot of places to buy gear and clothes and the town sits along side the river, giving it, in the summer, a pleasant view. 

Sports & Activities

Åre Resort

The resort itself is a good size, nothing close to the Alps but with enough unique runs to keep you occupied for a long weekend or a 5 day trip. The weather at the summit can be bitingly cold with the wind, and considering its location is much further north than the Alps, it is easy to assume that late season will be warmer than it actually is. Unlike Norway, the runs are really on high hills rather than mountains. 

There are a few hotels actually on the slopes, though these book up very early.


To the north of Åre is the town of Duved, much smaller, and with its own small slopes, though most people will head to Åre for their skiing. Accommodation is easier to find here and is cheaper, but you will find that what you save, gets spent on taxis to and from Åre unless you are very organised to take the infrequent bus service.

Restaurants & Bar

Duved Pensionat

I enjoyed staying at the pensionat in Duved more than the hotel at the foot of the Åre runs, even with the additional travel complications. The food was good, and the bar/reception was cozy to relax in.

Sports & Activities

Duved Slopes

Despite being quieter than the nearby Åre, there is nothing to recommend them, they are no better than Romme Alpin or Brannas, which are much closer to the main cities. If you've traveled this far, get on the bus or taxi and head to the Åre resort.

2019 - Seeing Sweden

2019 - Seeing Sweden

In 2019, I plan to see 12 new counties in Sweden that I've not previously visited.

2019 - Seeing Sweden

Starting in November 2017 and finishing in October 2018 I spent a long weekend, each month, seeing a new city in a foreign country. Calling it my 12 Cities in 12 Months challenge, I ended up seeing eight totally new countries out of the twelve. I also spent a few weeks driving through the alps as an Alpine Adventure adding Austria and Lichtenstein to my new countries visited in 2018 and then ended the year seeing Jordan, Israel and Palestine. 

Having done all this, and bringing my total countries visited to 58, I realised I'd not seen nearly as much of my new home country of Sweden, despite being here almost three years. I've visited a reasonable number of the snowboarding locations near to Gothenburg (Åre, Branäs, Romme Alpine, Ulricehamn and Isaberg) and the big cities of Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö) but I've not seen much else that Sweden has to offer.

In 2019, I plan to see 12 new counties in Sweden that I've not previously visited. I've been to seven, and so by the end of 2019 there should be only two counties in Sweden I've not visited.

After my first trip, to Halland south of Gothenburg, I have already noticed a few differences to my international travel. The chains I've come to recognise in Gothenburg are also in these new cities, making it too easy to slip into comfortable locations. The lack of air travel means no restriction on wearing contact lenses and going to less cosmopolitan places should give me more chances to improve my Swedish.