2012 - Gorillas in the Mud

In 2012, I went on safari through Kenya and Uganda.

The main purpose was to get deep into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to encounter Gorillas, but it was also to see a side of Africa I'd never experienced before.

Armed with a moleskin notebook and my trusty Canon 1D Mk III camera, this book is the summation of my adventure. 

Day 1:

Waking up at 6am, to a rather unpleasant hangover was not an ideal experience. Apparently going to a Soho cocktail bar for a birthday party and taking the last train home was a poorly informed plan. However, a hangover is a small price to pay for a holiday that starts so well.

Having dragged myself up and performed my morning ablutions, I made it to the train station within the bounds of my schedule. If only Transport For London was so dependable….

The district line was not running at all, and that was a key component of my journey to the airport. A hurried phone search for alternatives had me waiting on the number 65 bus to South Action Station.

In the end, it all came together and I was at Terminal 5, 2 hours and 55 minutes before my flight. Feeling like a rebel for ignoring the 3 hour international flight arrival requirement I checking in with the automated machines and dropped off my large backpack with assorted items strapped to the outside. Having bought every recommended item on the backpacking list, I was well equipped from laundry powder to iodine tables.

After a surprisingly short security session, I was in the departure lounge and rapidly ordered a large English breakfast, coffee and orange juice to help me avoid the need to partake in the always dreadful aeroplane food…. I also picked up a full Pret lunch and a Latte to have on the plane....

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