There is a huge amount of new budding work complete, or ongoing in Oslo, so the city is losing some of its charm and certain areas like the ferry terminal are very ‘Canary Wharf’ in the impression.

The older buildings are tall and imposing grey stone that fades into a grey snowy sky, the impression is quite soviet, though I’d not be thanked by a Norwegian for the comparison. This older Scandinavia of rock and hard lines is warning with the modern buildings of glass and curves. The identity of the city is somewhat in flux at the moment.

Oslo, even more than Gothenburg, does not feel the need to be open early or stay open late. The museums seem to open at around 10-11am and close at 4pm, with one or two staying open as late as 6pm.

It is much more globalised than Gothenburg, without trying I found four TGI Fridays a Jamies Italian and a Starbucks or two.

For a full outline, see: Oslo