FEBRUARY: Düsseldorf

2018 - 12 Cities in 12 Months

From what I can tell, there is little but residential property on the west bank of Düsseldorf.

The public transport is great and easy to use, though the stations can all look a bit sketchy at night, due to the graffiti and neon strip lighting.

Architecture is varied, but there is not much of the extremely modern glass around. Brickwork dominates and it feels that even new buildings are trying to fit in. The main exception is the area around the Rhine Towner, a needle standing tall and alone on the riverside and the various modernist buildings nearby.

The additional exception is the new build shopping plaza outside old town, which is exactly the kind modern glass structure you find everywhere. Walking through, past H&M and Boots you could be anywhere.

Incredibly cash is still king here, I was rarely able to pay by card. It was like stepping back in time.

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