• NIGERIA: Jollof Rice

    It has been a very long time since I've eaten Jollof Rice. About twenty years ago I lived in Lagos and Jollof Rice was a staple of my meals. I followed Chef Lola's Kitchen's recipe to make this, though I was not able to find the authentic Scotch Bonnet peppers and so substituted Habenero, which gave it a smokier flavour than the almost fruity (and very spicy) West African traditional choice.

    Jollof Rice Food Togs Tuck Nigeria Africa
  • USA: Hamburgers

    A nation as huge and varied as the USA offers a wide array of cuisine, but if you're looking for the quintessential main meal, to eat with an Apple Pie chaser, you can look no further than the Hamburger.

    North America United States of America Food Togs Tuck Hamburger
  • LATVIA: Grey Peas, Bacon and Onion

    A traditional Latvian side dish for Christmas, it also formed a key part of my Christmas meal this year. Eating alone due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, I went all out creating a traditional Christmas meal.

    Grey Peas Bacon and Onion Togs Tuck Food Latvia Europe
  • GERMANY: Sauerbraten

    Germany's national dish of Sauerbraten is a sweet and sour beef slow marinated and cooked in what becomes a think gravy. Done right, the meat is tender and succulent with a unique flavour.

    Togs Tuck Food Germany Europe
  • DENMARK: Stegt Flæsk

    My random number-driven tour of the world landed me in my neighboring country of Denmark. The national dish of Denmark is the simple, and delicious, Stegt Flæsk. A crispy pork dish with parsley sauce.

    food Togs Tuck Europe Denmark
  • ITALY: Lasagne

    Italy has a vast number of dishes that define their cuisine, different regions will give you different answers, but for my Italian stop on Tog's Tuck, I chose to cook a Lasagne from scratch using the recipe from Walks of Italy

    Togs Tuck Europe italy Food
  • BULGARIA: Bob Chorba & Patatnik

    My culinary tour (and random number generator) took me to Bulgaria, where the national dish is Bob Chorba, a bean soup made for centuries (if not longer) in monasteries, as well as Patatnik, a potato pancake made with egg and mint.

    Bob Chorba Patatnik Food Togs Tuck Europe Bulgaria
  • NORWAY: Fårikål

    Fårikål is Norway's national dish, and its position was reaffirmed recently in a national vote. It is a deeply simple meal with only six ingredients assuming you count water as an ingredient.

    Fårikål Norway Europe Togs Tuck
  • INDONESIA: Nasi Goreng

    Something of a taste from my childhood, Nasi Goreng is a staple of Indonesian (and Malaysian and Singaporean) cuisine, spicy fried rice with omelette pieces its a filling dish.

    Togs Tuck Indonesia Asia
  • AUSTRALIA: Tomato Relish

    An Australian friend of mine was horrified that I'd never heard of, let alone tasted Tomato Relish, a key staple of the Australian diet. Shortly after Christmas (thanks to international postage and general Swedish post delays) I received a Christmas present of two jars of Relish, with some instructions on how best to use them.

    Togs Tuck Australia Oceania Tomato Relish Food
  • TUNISIA: Lamb Couscous

    Working from 192 Flavours, I cooked a lamb Tagine with Couscous for my Tunisian international meal.

    Africa Togs Tuck Tunisia Food
  • FINLAND: Karjalanpaisti

    Using the recipe at The Spruce Eats I made Finnish Karjalanpaisti, a traditional meat stew. Listening to the comments, I added much more seasoning, which helped, but the stew was a fairly thin mix of watery sauce and meats, rather than the thicker red shown in the illustrations.

    Togs Tuck Finland Europe Karjalanpaisti
  • SPAIN : Paella

    The next stop on my culinary world tour is Spanish Paella. As I'm not a seafood fan, I picked a chicken and chorizo recipe from Epicurious.

    Spain Europe Paella Togs Tuck
  • ROMANIA: Mititei

    The sixth meal in my international tour was Romania's Mititei. A Sausage like dish, made with minced lamb, chicken and beef and flavoured with cumin, coriander and thyme, it's a perfect BBQ dish. It needs preparing the evening before but requires little in the way of unusual ingredients.

    Mititei Romania Europe Togs Tuck
  • HUNGARY: Goulash

    Goulash is Hungary's national dish, a hearty heavy beef and tomato stew, served with rice and sometimes sour cream it is a great meal in poor weather. It's a favourite of mine when I'm snowboarding.

    Goulash Togs Tuck Food Europe Hungary
  • NETHERLANDS: Stamppot

    I've not eaten, or even thought about Stamppot for years, not since I lived in the Netherlands. Its a customised mashed potatoes featuring mustard, bacon, onions and kale (Ideally andijvie, but that can be tough to get outside of the Netherlands.

    Europe Netherlands Togs Tuck Food
  • IRELAND: Irish Stew

    Irish Stew is a deeply comforting and hearty meal, with no formally agreed recipe. Most commonly created with lamb or mutton, slow cooked. Almost always with potatoes, carrots and onions, other ingredients are also found.

    Food Togs Tuck Europe Ireland Irish Stew
  • UNITED KINGDOM | Chicken Tikka Masala

    The United Kingdom has a few national dishes, Fish and Chips, a Sunday Roast, a Full English Breakfast, but perhaps the most interesting is Chicken Tikka Masala, an Indian inspired meal that is uniquely and quintessentially British.

    Food Togs Tuck Europe United Kingdom