• Eldoret

    We were up at about 6:30am, not realizing this was going to be considered a lie in on this trip. Typically, I don’t remember my dreams, but for some reason, when camping, they are vivid and stick with me. Perhaps all this implies is my home needs better ventilation.

    Eldoret Africa Kenya Travel Sunrise Camp
  • Lake Nakuru National Park

    It was an early start, but managed to fit in a big breakfast as I was unsure what the food would be like on the trek. Entertainingly, it was clear that the rest of the people in the restaurant were also on the tour, but we didn’t know each other at this point and so didn’t talk.

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  • Nairobi National Museum

    Having had my fill of relaxing on holiday, something I am temperamentally unsuited for, I decided to walk to the Nairobi National Museum. Whilst not far, it did involve crossing a ditch over a small plank of wood and walking the wrong way down a motorway. Fun! There was a nice moment where you can see the stream that separates the hotel from the rear entrance to the museum.

    Africa Nairobi Kenya Natioanl Nairobi National Museum Snake House
  • Nairobi

    The airport is plain but serviceable, though very warm. I was too slow out the door and ended up near the back of the visa queue, At lease in Nairobi you get your visa at the same time as going through immigration control.

    Nairobi Kenya Africa