• Christ’s Baptism

    On both banks of the river Jordan stand locations claiming to be the site of Jesus Christ's baptism by John. Separated by a dozen feet of water, the faithful, the interested and the border police stand on either side.

    Asia Jordan River Jordan Israel John the Baptist Christ's Baptism
  • The Dead Sea

    The Dead Sea is slowly dying. Climate change is having a dramatic effect on the region and the water from the River Jordan, which previously kept the sea level is drying up.

    Dead Sea Jordan Asia Spa
  • Wadi Rum

    People often compare Wadi Rum desert to Arizona. Whilst both are desolate landscapes dominated by rocky outcroppings, the similarity really stops there. Wadi Rum does not have the dramatic striation that defines Arizona, but instead has an almost melted look on its rock outcroppings due to the soft sandstone and limestone of the region.

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  • Petra

    Petra is an ancient Nabatean city and has some of the most incredible, memorable and breathtaking architecture you will see in you life. In the middle of the desert, the sun bakes down, but over the centuries the rare rain has slowly been eroding the carvings, despite the overhangs and rain gutters the Nabatean's caved and the local archeological teams keep in working order.

    Petra Jordan Asia Treasury Al Khazneh Siq El Deir Royal Tombs
  • Madeba

    The town of Madaba is small, but busy, with vendors selling on the streets and a number of high end local shops selling locally made designer clothes. The town dates from the middle bronze age and is referenced in the Bible.

    Madeba Jordan Asia Church of the Map Mosaic
  • Mount Nebo

    Mt Nebo is reputed to be where Moses stood when he saw the holy land after leaving Egypt. Hardly a mountain by most standards, it is still much taller then the flat planes all around it.

    Mt Nebo Jordan Asia Brazen Serpent Statue Mount Nebo Moses
  • Little Petra

    Little Petra is also known as Siq al-Barid and is a few miles north of the more famous Petra. It is free entrance, unlike Petra and is usually much less crowded, though it still has a number of Bedouins selling souvenirs and local children following you around looking for money.

    Jordan Asia Little Petra Siq al-Barid Painted House Nabataean Archeology
  • Philadelphia

    Much like Rome herself, Philadelphia was built on seven hills. The Citadel ruins are on one of them looking over the Roman Theatre and Hashemite plaza in the basin.

    Philadelphia Jordan Asia Temple of Hercules Roman Theatre Odeon
  • Jerash

    About an hour outside of Amman is the ancient city of Gerasa (now called Jerash), the largest Roman city remaining outside of Italy. Much of it is still undiscovered, and the modern city spills over a large piece of the underground ruins preventing their excavation.

    Gerasa Jerash Jordan Roman Ruins Asia
  • Amman (Downtown)

    Downtown Amman is hectic, shops spill out into the streets and street vendors setup tables anywhere there is space.

    Asia Jordan Amman
  • Amman (Suburbs)

    Amman is a large city, with a bustling center, heavily gridlocked at many hours of the day. Owing to this, more and more commerce and leisure options are appearing in the suburbs.

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