• DENMARK: Stegt Flæsk

    My random number-driven tour of the world landed me in my neighboring country of Denmark. The national dish of Denmark is the simple, and delicious, Stegt Flæsk. A crispy pork dish with parsley sauce.

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  • Helsingør

    Helsingør, also known as Elsinore, is a port city in eastern Denmark. Overlooking the Øresund strait, the 15th-century Kronborg Castle provided the setting for Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Nearby, the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark illustrates 600 years of Danish seafaring history. The glass-walled Culture Yard in the old shipyard organizes cultural events. On the pier is “Han,” a polished steel sculpture of a man.

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  • Copenhagen

    I went to Copenhagen for a long weekend with a friend, we got there Friday evening late, and after checking in, we walked past a strip club, sex shop and a series of prostitutes to get to an all night kebab joint for a very late dinner.

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