• Punta Uva

    We then headed 10k north to Punta Uva a lovely white sand beach to relax a bit.

    Punta Uva Costa Rica North America
  • Learning to surf

    It had rained all night, so the start of the surfing lesson was pushed back a half hour due to the weather. When we got there we were loaned a rash guard (long sleeved t-shirt) given a lot of instructions on safely and then split into small groups, each with an instructor and taken out into the surf.

    Surfing Surf Costa Rica North America
  • Bribri Village

    We then reached the Bribri village and did the chocolate and medicinal herbs tour. We were shown various plants used for natural lipsticks, glue, mosquito solution and other things. Highlighting just how practical indigenous people have been with their environment. Nothing is wasted because waste cannot be afforded.

    Costa Rica North America Bribri Bribri Village
  • Snorkeling in Costa Rica

    Once we were changed and had snorkels on, we took a small, somewhat overloaded, boat out to ‘the point’ to swim around the coral reefs. The water was very shallow, most of us got a scrape or two from the rocks but visibility was excellent and we saw some great fish, the highlight being a manta ray.

    Snorkling Costa Rica North America
  • Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

    We then had a 3 hour drive to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, where we checked into rooms with mosquito netting on the beds before all meeting at an open bar space with wood tables by the small pool.

    Costa Rica Puerto Viejo de Talamanca North America
  • Rios Tropicales Lodge

    We were not expecting much from the lodge as it was in the middle of the jungle; we were told there was no fresh drinkable water, limited bar, meals made by the guides and generally had our expectations set low. However it was incredible...

    Pacuare River Lodge Costa Rica North America hiking
  • Rafting the Pacuare River

    The alarm at 4:30am signalled the start of one of the main adventure elements of the trip. We would white water raft down the river to a lodge in the middle of the jungles of Costa Rica. We would then spend some time hiking and doing various other activities on the second day and then do some grade 3 and 4 rapids on the final day.

    White Water Rafting Rapids Costa Rica North America Pacuare Pacuare River
  • Horseback Riding

    This was a longer transfer down some rough roads but we arrived at an old farmstead and stables. We were quickly geared up and paired with on horses. Mine was a mare called Tarzan.

    Costa Rica North America Horse Horseback Riding
  • Mountain Biking

    The mountain bike tour started when we had disembarked from the boat.We started with a tough uphill journey, which was hard work and showed I do not cycle nearly enough. It was about 20k all on gravel roads.

    Costa Rica North America Biking Cycling
  • Cliff Jumping

    “The experience was adrenaline fuelled, by the end we were all twitching with nervous energy.”

    Cliff Jumping Cliff Jump Rappelling Costa Rica North America
  • La Fortuna

    We climbed aboard a flat bottomed boat and sailed along the lake toward La Fortuna and the volcano. The lake is dammed at one end and used as a hydroelectric plant which provide 50% of Cost Rica’s power.

    La Foruna Costa Rica North America
  • 100% Adventure

    It was a short low ride to 100% adventure, home of Central America’s longest zip line, or at least so the tag line to the venue said.

    Costa Rica North America 100% Adventure Zipline ATV Quadbike
  • Monteverde Night Walk

    After we’d finished the walk, and had a beer, we moved on to the night walk/ Starting few miles out of town, a smallish hut marks the beginning of the night walk. Assigned a guide we follow a trail into the forest after a brief induction to what would occur.

    Monteverde Night Walk Night Photography Costa Rica North America Wildcat tarrantula
  • Cloud Forest

    Walking across the eight bridges of the cloud forest was a bit of a disappointment from what we were expecting. Advertised as a solid two hour walk we were done in 55 minutes; including time to take photos, and I take a lot of photos. To be fair to the guide, we were the ‘active adventure’ group and so would take a walk like this more briskly.

    Cloud Forest Monteverde Costa Rica North America
  • Montverde

    After refreshments, it was direct to Montverde, through some incredible terrain, Costa Rica is stunningly verdant and even at higher altitudes there are tall trees and lush grass. The town of Monteverde itself is quite small but well served by shops and restaurants aimed at tourists.

    Costa Rica North America
  • Costa Rica Terrain

    Sunday was an early start though easy to manage as we had all had and early night the night before. Breakfast was very local, and something we all later found out we’d need to get very used to, Gallo Pinto, Costa Rican Rice & Beans, a stable of breakfast and several other meals. Once we were full of rice and beans it was then on to the bus for the 4.5h drive to Montverde.

    Costa Rica North America Landscape terrain sloth
  • San José

    The flight Miami to Costa Rica had some lovely views as we traveled south, although we were nearly redirected to Liberia due to bad weather which would have been a bad start to the trip. They made it down on the second attempt; to the wild cheering and applause of the Americans who get very excited by ‘airplanes’.

    Costa Rica North America San Jose