• BULGARIA: Bob Chorba & Patatnik

    My culinary tour (and random number generator) took me to ´╗┐Bulgaria, where the national dish is Bob ´╗┐Chorba, a bean soup made for centuries (if not longer) in monasteries, as well as Patatnik, a potato pancake made with egg and mint.

    Bob Chorba Patatnik Food Togs Tuck Europe Bulgaria
  • Sophia

    When we got to Sophia, our first stop was the Cathedral of St. Alexandra, and inside is his magical finger bone.

    Sophia Bulgaria Europe Cathedral of St. Alexandra
  • Bansko

    I went shopping in Bansko during some downtime from snowboarding and got some new waterproof trousers, and Finance picked up a new top. We also explored the mall over by the river. It was uninspiring and the top floor was dominated by what can only be described as Mafioso style gangsters playing pool.

    Bulgaria Europe Snowboarding Bansko