• Moon Bar

    Then headed over to the Moon Bar at Vertigo, it’s on the 61st floor and stunning views. We were there from before sunset to darkness, incredible place, worth a trip, but bring a healthy bank balance, and if you wanted to impress someone at a date, who wasn’t afraid of heights, and you were in Thailand, definitely a good idea!!

    Asia Thailand Bangkok
  • Patong Night Market

    From there, general consensus was to head to Patong Market to watch a ping pong show. This isn’t really my thing, and had said so previously, but as everyone else was saying it’s a good plan, I went along....

    Thailand Bangkok Asia Patong Night Market
  • Grand Palace

    The tour operator gave me a lift up to the Grand Palace. Had a wander round there for a while, which was pretty awesome, it’s a combined palace and temple where the Emerald Buddha is found Its impressive and amazing.

    Thailand Bangkok Asia Grand Palace
  • Marble Temple

    Finally, we saw the marble temple, Wat Benchamabophit, which had been inspired by western churches.

    Thailand Bangkok Asia Marble Temple Wat Benchamabophit
  • Temple of Buddha Reclining

    Also know as Wat Pho, we visited the Temple of Buddha Reclining after the Temple of the Golden Buddha. It is located very close to the Grand Palace and shares a certain style of architecture.

    Thailand Bangkok Asia
  • Temple of the Golden Buddha

    My first stop on the tour I arranged was the Temple of the Golden Buddha. It is a remarkable building, the spire soaring alone into the sky.

    Thailand Bangkok Asia Temple of the Golden Buddha
  • Bangkok

    Bangkok is busy, historic and modern at the same time. The seedy side coexists with a deeply spiritual environment.

    Thailand Bangkok Asia