Sounds of Gothenburg #1 Sounds of Gothenburg #1

Sounds of Gothenburg #1

I was invited along to the premiere of Sounds of Gothenburg to take some photos by a friend of mine. Looking back through the archive, it had been a decade since I last shot a gig.

Sound of Gothenburg is a new initiative of artists bringing local music to Gothenburg at Dirty Records cafe and the world through YouTube streaming.

When I arrived, I was impressed by the team's kit for the event, two professional video cameras, and a DSLR, combined with a solid audio setup. I felt a little unnecessary.

I made an effort to take more photos of the backstage as the setup was already going to provide strong images of the artists. The venue was challenging as the sunlight outside was dimmed by grey clouds, and despite the large windows, I was pushing ISO more than is ideal. I'm not entirely happy with the results.

First up was Jaded Jane, singing alongside Nadja Häikiö Itäsaari, one of the organisers. His music was haunting, self-described atmospheric pop, with a surprising use of a kazoo.

Day Felice follows a contrast pop quartet fronted by actor David Lindström who you may recognise from Vikings. They joke that all their songs are about depression, but they are a blend of darkness and light in true contrast.