San Diego San Diego

San Diego

Once checked in we wandered down to the gas lamp quarter to have a look around and find some dinner. Most of the buildings were from prohibition era and got ignored by the city and its residents afterwards as it became a bad area with a lot of bootlegging. Eventually it started to pick up and now is the cool restaurant area because of the older buildings. We ate in a restaurant owned by a country singer and the food was excellent! I had deep fried Brie with honey sautéed garlic, which was absolutely fantastic.

Sunday morning, we decided to go and see the zoo, which is pretty good; not amazing like Singapore zoo, but decent and the animals had plenty of room.

We also went into old town, which is basically a theme park as the buildings are reproductions rather than actually an old part of the town! We had a couple of beers at a bar and had a brief chat with an elderly drunk lady who was fascinated by our accents and then went back to the hotel and were planning on going out to dinner, but found that jet lag was setting in, so we grabbed a pizza and watched TV instead.