Royal Republic of Ladonia

Hiking to Ladonia

Ladonia is marked off of the main coastal trail with yellow bands or a yellow N and an arrow. Keep a close eye out, as it can be easy to miss on the walk.

It is a tough climb, both down and up, with sharp rocks, tree routes and steep slopes, so ensure you wear good shoes and have some drinking water with you as it will take about forty minutes from Himmelstorp in each direction.


Nimis is the largest of the two sculptures, a huge artifice of loose wooden boards nailed together to form the semblance of a castle or passageway. It almost resembles a wooden spacecraft with its narrow corridors connecting larger spaces.

Nimis was the installation that was responsible for the creation of Ladonia. The legal battle to have it removed, destroyed or otherwise taken down, caught the attention of the now thousands of Citizens of the Royal Republic, many of whom come to visit.

The entrance to Nimis is either down a steep mud and stone slope, or through the 'staircase' of Nimis, starting at border point tall and carrying you down to the beach.

The very materials used to create Nimis, driftwood primarily, give it a strange ability to blend into the background, the forest and rocks around it.


Two stone and concrete books, gaze out at the ocean on the rocky beach. Arx is newer and lacks the controversy of Nimis, but is striking in its own way. Perhaps 50m further along the beach from Nimis, it gives more of an impression of the weathered remains of an old settlement than something created quite recently.