Recreating Famous Photographs

This image was taken as part of the "Recreating Famous Photographs" shoot, but was done once we were happy we had the needed images. The model in question was a ballet dancer, and was more than willing to put his skills in front of the camera for us. He willingly leapt from the fixed benches in the nearby park, striking poses at impressive heights in mid-air.

This is one of two images which were favourites of friends of mine and have become canvased prints on their walls. The other was a image of a leather jacket, which obviously meant something to The Jacket. Because of that, its an important image to me. Its a flattering situation to have your work displayed by someone because they think it is so good.

Obviously this shot required a high shutter speed to capture him cleanly in mid air, which pushed the aperture wide, something which worked well, as it throws the background out of focus. This is a shoot I would like to try doing properly, working with a few dancers to get some interesting images. They have a sense of movement and control of their bodies which is quite different to how models pose.