Period Fashion on the Thames

This was one of the few occasion where my photography has met with authorities resistance. It was taken near London Bridge  and we were chased from location to location by fluorescently clothed security guards.  It was a telling reminder both of the ongoing assault on photography in the United Kingdom and the difficulty in arranging out door shoots.

It was a bitterly cold day and  a windy one. The model was very willing but got very cold.  I think from this I learned a degree of understanding for the difficulty of the models trade. We ended up taking her to a nearby cafe for hot chocolate instead of using the final fifteen minutes.

I find this a very period piece, the outfit of the model and the Thames view combine well to give a clear sense of Empire.  The catchlights in the models eyes and the way she is looking directly at the camera gives a very bold statement, slightly at odds with the period theme and one which is quite provocative.

It is interesting to note just how dark the day actually was, considering how slow the shutter speed is. The aperture is not that small and the ISO , whilst reasonable, is not at the finest. The combination really show how gloomy and overcast the shot was.