On The Edge

Short update for a handful of pictures. I found out, more or less by accident that there was a free music festival on the bank of the Thames, near to Richmond Bridge, so I thought I'd duck down to see how it was going.

The atmosphere was great, drinks were flowing and people were dancing to the music.

The band I saw are called Zambula, and I mostly used my 70-200mm with a 2x extender to get nice close shots in, as I was quite a distance from the stage. An outdoor gig in the middle of summer is very different from shooting in a dark venue. All of a sudden that bright burning ball of nuclear fusion in the sky is proving lots of luxurious lumen of light.

As such, I was able to use my extender, even though it cuts into the f-stop, to get some up close images, but I did suffer from some blur . Normally you'd catch this immediately when checking a shot, but with the bright sunlight preventing me from seeing the screen I lost a few images.

More information on the On The Edge event can be read about below.

On The Edge