Nine Hours in Malmö Nine Hours in Malmö

Nine Hours in Malmö

Friends of mine were in Copenhagen and suggested we meet for the day in Malmö. Having never been to the city and having not seen them for quite a while I was keen. 

The first stop was an outside bar whilst i waited for them, as their bus was delayed due to a person thinking their VISA card was enough ID to pass the Danish/Swedish border.

With only a few hours, we grabbed some food at a Irish bar before heading to the Malmo castle and museum. The museum is quite unusual as it is a pre-history museum. an aquarium, an art museum and the Malmö city museum. We actually only got to see a few parts of it before it closed and we headed to Bastard, a famous and excellent restaurant nearby. I had a platter of charcuterie and a plate of lardo. Amazing.