Miss. Dark meets Mr. Nice

This was another one of the senior shoots, so less photographers for each model.  In this case, with the nature of the shoot, we were working with two models, one guy and a girl. In fact, the first session was the two girls from the Fantasy shoot with one guy. It is a different experience shooting two or three models at the same time, and I found that it tended to exponentially increase the number of bad shots because it increases the odds of an expression not being quite right or the composition not being completely accurate.

In this case, we split the pairs up between our group and worked one on one.

The shots were taken in a cemetery in northern London. We were eventually chased out by the police because the proper permissions had not been arranged. That aside, it was a productive and fun day, and we were mostly working with pairs of models which was a great challenge.

We did three sessions of about half an hour, and I again tried to ensure I was doing some shots which told a story. Didn't always work. My Samson idea didn't come out right at all, and thinking back, I should have had the second model in frame as Delilah..... There was a covered grave, and I insisted we do a sleeping beauty shoot with it, which I think worked really well, though I suspect others got better shots than I managed here. Again, the two camera approach was a boon, though this time, my main camera had the 18-70mm rather than the zoom.

The other difficulty, because there were other photographers, was the tendency to split into two groups shooting individually.

I'm not certain I got anything particularly stunning from this shoot, partly because it finished early due to not having the proper permits to shoot at the cemetery. Which is a lesson in itself for future shoots.