Malibu Malibu


Out of Santa Monica and through Malibu was beautiful, it was a really nice way to start the drive. I was driving that morning, and about twelve, we went to pull off the main highway to try and drive along a bridge to a private island we saw, unfortunately it was a proper private island and we were thwarted by the large iron gates!!

There was a little restaurant/motel there, so we dived in for a drink, when I asked if we could get one, the head waitress looked perturbed and said "well, I suppose you won't stay long...."

Coke in hand, we sat next to their pool overlooking the ocean and the bridge we'd been unable to cross... On the upside, I was able to get online and send some email, download some apps and check our progress on Google maps! The iPad was proving its use as more than just a fancy toy.