Left at the Prom

This is the only landscape image to make it into the years collection I pulled together. It is a personal favourite of mine, I had a very definite image in my head here as to what I wanted to achieve here.

This was probably my most planned shot of the year. I saw the location and knew immediately the effect I wanted to give. Something in the vein of a girl left at the roadside on the way to her Prom. 

I tried multiple lenses across both of the cameras I was using that day to get the effect I wanted, the girl and the fence in sharp focus with the luxury car just a suggested blurred shape in the background. It took a number of attempts but I'm very pleased with the result. In the end, as you can see, it was a very fast shutter speed with a wide aperture which gave me the result I was looking for. 

As you can see on the left, there were several others which came out acceptably, but none were quite right for what I was doing. The car is too sharp on the top image, the lighting is overexposing her skin on the middle and the pose doesn't convey the message in the final shot.

I am extremely pleased with how this image came out, because it turned out exactly how I had envisioned it.