Lake Mburo Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo

We had another early morning, and had to remember how to take down our tents, as it had been a few days. It was a few hours drive to Lake Mburo, but on arrival we were welcomed by a monkey at the gate watching us whist lounging on a tree limb.

A short drive in the part lead us to our campsite for the evening.

We setup in the middle of the wildlife park, and there were warthogs all around, ruffling through the grass on their knees searching for food.

We spent some time after setting up watching the hippos splash in the water not far from our camp. Apparently, the occasionally come up into the camp and knock down tents. Scary, as they are one of the most deadly animals in Africa. They are an awesome creature, but hardly majestic.

After the hippos, the group split up; some stayed at the camp to relax, some went on a nature drive and some, myself amongst them, went walking with the wildlife. It was really something special to be outside of the truck and walking on the same level as the animals, rather than seeing them from the protective shell of a vehicle.

We saw hippos, water buffalo, various antelopes and a range of birds as well as monkeys and mere cats.

There was a moment that would have been terrifying had it not been over before we really processed it. Walking through the bush, the guide suddenly readied his AK-47 and sharply gestured for us all to get back. We had startled a water buffalo, and they are large, and when you were as close as we were, you can see how uncomfortably sharp the horns are.

After a few false starts, where the camera was pointing in the wrong direction for the sunset, I moved the camera to the other end of the campsite and managed to capture the sun setting over the park.

Our camp on Lake Mburo was on a wide open space surrounded by water and the sky was crystal clear. Hundreds of stars were visible when the clouds were gone. I once again decided to try out some astrophotography and the Scottish girl in the group joined me.

After the issues I’d had on the previous attempt, I swapped to my 50mm f1.8 lens and pushed the ISO up to get as fast captures as possible and eliminate star trails.

I finally got an image of the sky I was happy with, it does not have some of the details and depth that truly outstanding work does, but it is the first astronomy shot I am pleased with.