Karon Karon


For the evening, we headed into Karon town to meet up with some travellers, unfortunately, a miscommunication meant we had a wander round Kata beach first as that was where we thought we should be.... still a quick Tuk Tuk ride saw us to the right place!

Karon is a busier town than Rawai, and we stopped at a German/Thai place to wait for them to get back from their trip and had a GIANT beer each, they were, with no hyperbole, the size of wine bottles! We then went, en masse, to the travel agents and books a series of trips and stuff.

Simon Cabaret

Simon Cabaret was OK, the costumes were amazing and the sets were opulent, but the choreography was ropey, the dancers were not in time with each other and it was clear from the way they moved and kicked that none of them were trained dancers.... If I noticed these things, I'd suggest none of my friends in 'the business' go! Still, there were a couple of awesome acts, including a fat old Tina turner impression which was brilliant. There were also two of the performers, who were stunning, one, in a slinky black dress, had a body that probably only a handful of actual women in the world could improve upon.....! It’s a worrying thought; a man with cosmetic surgery makes a hotter woman than most.... The show, as Leo put it, took itself too seriously, and should have had more of the jokey acts to break it up. I understand that there won't be many transvestites who are trained dancers living in Phuket, but still, as they do several shows a night, I can't help but think they could improve without much effort.....

We bargained hard for the Tuk Tuk home and got it for 400baht, which isn’t bad at all, he decided to drive like a madman, one mistake, or incident and we'd all be dead...... we, with five people in the back, were zipping past motorbikes!