Istanbul Archeology Museum Istanbul Archeology Museum

Istanbul Archeology Museum

The museum was excellent, only 5 Lira to get in and loads of stuff. One of the really strange things about doing archeology museums in lots of countries is you really see the interplay of cultures. Lots of Egyptian stuff here for example. They had some really cool touches, in a display of gravestones they had a body displayed, basically in a grave in the floor.

When I finished up, I sat in the courtyard café having a drink. It was a cool place, tables built out of old stones, scattered statues and shaded by a series of trees. As I walked in to find a seat there was an adorable kitten, so I got the camera out and took a photo, which caused a blond American girl called Sam to start chatting to me. she had been playing with the cats for half an hour as she waited for her boyfriend (who was Lebanese) to finish in the museum. Apparently he won’t leave until he has looked at every item and read every sign. Chatted to her for three quarters of an hour or so, she teaches English in Dubai at the moment, having lived in Moscow, Korea and Berlin.