INDONESIA: Nasi Goreng INDONESIA: Nasi Goreng

INDONESIA: Nasi Goreng

Something of a taste from my childhood, Nasi Goreng is a staple of Indonesian (and Malaysian and Singaporean) cuisine, spicy fried rice with omelette pieces its a filling dish.

Using the BBC Good Food recipe, I made myself a bowl during Corona quarantine out of a sense of nostalgia.

The most challenging part is creating the Basa Gede (Balinese spice paste), which requires grinding and blending quite a few spics and ingredients down to a smooth paste.

You then make a four egg omelette, slowly cooking it up, and once done slicing into long thin strips.

Thin slice the omelette
Thin slice the omelette

The chicken, onions, garlic, chilli, rice and paste all get stir-fried, bringing the flavours together, with the omelette being folded into the dish once the cooking is largely done. 

Serve and enjoy!