Hippodrome Hippodrome


From there I wandered around the hippodrome, there are a series of columns and obelisks stood there now, but it used to be for chariot races. One of them is an Egyptian pillar which looks somewhat out of place, called the Obelisk of Theodosius.

Also part of the Hippodrome is the Serpent Column, which is fractured now, but would have reached much higher, a carving of snakes with three heads.

Additionally there is the Walled Obelisk, renovated in the tenth century by Constantine VII.

During my reading, I found a restaurant nearby called Mosaik, which had been around since about 1860, so I spend a little while finding it, pretty straight forward really. Sat there now, at an outdoor table on their wireless LAN. There is a lesson about Istanbul here I think, the marriage of old and new. It’s a very cosmopolitan place, the movies on the cinema are all new Hollywood films, the trams are better than any the UK has and wireless Internet is everywhere. But it’s also so old, seeped in thousands of years of history, ancient rickety buildings, several stories high, straining to see the ocean, used for cafes, hostels and homes….