Google Ingress & Photography

I've recently been playing the new Google Augmented Reality game, Ingress. It is basically a high-tech version of geo-caching. There are invisible portals everywhere, only visible on your Ingress Scanner (an android app). You chose a faction and attack enemy portals to convert them to your own. You then try and link your own portals together to for fields, getting you additional points.

The portals typically appear only on items of interest, such as statues, museums or places of hidden curiosity.

It naturally pairs my competitive nature with a love of exploring. Add that to my photography and it is an excuse to get out of the house and take some unexpected turns. I spent the day wandering around Richmond-Upon-Thames and Southbank. 

I managed to pick up around 17,000 points and a few nice images.

It was also an excuse to try out my new bag; in Bulgaria I finally found a shoulder bag, that would carry my 1D as well as my Nexus 10 and a couple of lenses, without being a huge rucksack to carry.