Giants Photoshoot

Sunday 23rd at Westbourne Park was a Giants Photoshoot, playing with perspective and wide angle lenses. There were three models, two girls and a guy. The day was beautiful, incredibly sunny which has its own problems. Dark, harsh shadows everywhere, especially on the face. The guy was 

It was a great opportunity to use my reflector, and sharing it with the guy i was shooting with, we managed to soften the shadows to get some really nice pictures. Initially we were using the gold side, which in direct sun, as the light's colour is changed and warmed up, because a bit too overpowering and a bit too much like a spotlight. Changing to silver worked better, although its less 'warm' than gold it gave a cleaner look which worked well.

It was also fun to use the bright sunlight to do some interesting lighting effects. using the sun, as a spotlight so the background goes black..... There are a couple of images using that effect which have worked well, really giving the idea of a focused outdoor dance performance.

I'm now seriously considering buying a reflector stand to bring with me, the weather is likely to be extremely bright for the next few shoots so having a stand means I don't have to depend on the kindness of other photographers and we can all shoot together.

In terms of the theme of the shoot, the first model was perhaps the easiest to work with, dressed in a summer dress, with fairy wings and a heavily made up face, we shot her in the sunlight dappled forest on a wide angle, reflector aimed at her face. Shooting wide angled and at an odd angle will give an interesting perspective shot, which generally will alter how the subjects size relates to the background, and shooting with the right background will ensure they look large. Considering the fairy outfit however, there was an ongoing temptation to shoot small rather than large...