First Photo Shoot

This was my first shoot with models,  Laurie was energetic. He would climb fences, boxes or anything else. He was full of ideas and a very positive person to work with for someone like me who came at this shoot with limited experience.

I like the image opposite, it is something slightly different to a traditional head shot, and although it is not obvious, it was also taken on top of a large pile of boxes.

You can see from the catchlights in his eyes that the flash was used more or less directly at Laurie here, which has fortunately worked quite well and not washed him out too much. However, with experience, I'd use the flash at a different angle.

It is interesting looking back less than a year at how much I have improved. This shot was taken on full auto and so has no real creativity to it and even less understanding of how the camera actually worked. The understanding just wasn't there regarding how you could change an image by changing ISO, Shutter Speed or anything else. This is hardly to say I've reached a deep level of understanding, and I don't doubt I will see the same kind of immaturity in my work in a years time.