Edinburgh Zoo & Art Museums

I was recently in Edinburgh for a work conference called Map Camp, listening to Simon Wardley and others talk through how effective mapping is crucial for business transformation.

Whilst here, I took the weekend to see the parts of Edinburgh that I've not seen before as all my previous trips have been during the Fringe. I spent some time exploring the city centre, with the population doubling when the Fringe was on, I was on some level expecting the city to be quiet and it was not. I went to the Royal Scottish Academy, which had an excellent Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit on, followed by the National Museum of Scotland, where I was a few days early to see the Robots exhibit, I'd also been to early to see in Stockholm.

Sunday I went to the Edinburgh Zoo, which was very empty due to the light rain. Empty of both people and animals who were generally hiding in their enclosures. The chimps were great and are given voluntary tasks by the researchers to help understand their culture and language. I also spent some time with the rainbow parrots, who were fascinated by my beard poking it with their beaks. At one point I had three on me.

Following the Zoo, I took an Uber to the Modern Art museum, split into two old buildings, the first decked with the slogan "Everything is going to be alright" had a focus on Scottish artist Monster Chetwynd and his mixed material creations. Modern Two has the illuminated sign "There will be no miracles here" and housed the Andy Warhol exhibit. The previous week I had been in Stockholm and saw the 50th anniversary exhibit, it was interesting to see the different perspective. The Edinburgh museum went down the more traditional route of the Campbells soup and Marilyn Monroe, whilst Stockholm focused on those elements that resonated to his first European exhibition.