Ducky Fuzzlin's @ O2

Once again acting as the semi-official photographer for the talented Ducky Fuzzlin's who were playing at the O2 Academy in Islington. Its a small venue, but with a good approach to the stage which is well lit. They do have a bit of an enthusiasm for Red Lights, which as any photographer will tell you is a horrible light to work under.

Swapped between three lenses through the evening, but only used the first two with the Fuzzlin's and skipped the zoom.

The lineup was as follows;

* Ducky Fuzzlin's
* Silvanito
* Big George & The Philistines
* Four Letter Cure
* Dry Riser

We left during the Four Letter Cure as there was important beer related business calling. I've got some decent shots of the first three bands.

I followed the advice I was given, and used manual focus mostly, though this has meant some of my shots are a little fuzzy... Manual focus with inconsistent lighting is tricky and something I need to practice.

After a bit of editing, there are some nice shots, which can be seem here Shaw Solution Photography.