Cycling to Särö

On Swedish National Day, I decided to dust off my bike, which had sat unused through the winter and spring to cycle down to Lerkil, about 70-75km south of Gothenburg. I loaded up my panniers with my camera, a rain jacket, two liters of water, a phone charger, batteries, Pringles, a mini camping stove with packaged chilli con carne and a few other non-essentials and set off.

The cycle paths in Sweden, especially out side of the cities are fantastic, many follow old railway lines and are straight and flat for kilometer after kilometer. This route, once past Frölunda, started following the coast for long segments given beautiful views out over the ocean and the various islands off the coast. The houses were incredible, some huge hyper-modern buildings overlooking the ocean. 

I never made it as far as Lerkil, I reached Särö and decided I had gone far enough, about 25km, in my first cycle of the year, considering I had to get all the way back. So, I found a lovely cafe/bar facing the ocean and had a couple of drinks in the sun before heading back towards home. It look longer getting back, both because of the tiredness and also because it was Golden Hour and I stopped a few times at various spots to take some photos.