Costa Rica Terrain Costa Rica Terrain

Costa Rica Terrain

Sunday was an early start, though easy to manage as we had all had a very early night the night before. Breakfast was a local specialty and something we all later found out we’d need to get very used to during our stay; Gallo Pinto, Costa Rican Rice & Beans. A staple of breakfast and several other meals through the day. Once we were full of rice and beans, it was on to the bus for the four and a half hour drive to Montverde, our first stop of the tour.

We paused twice on the journey, first to see the Pacific Ocean for the only time on our trip, all the other beach stops we encountered would be the Atlantic. It made us all realise how narrow Central America actually is, that we would see both oceans during our visit without any particularly long detours.

Our second stop was to have a drink, and bathroom break at a little roadside cafe, smoothie bar and supermarket.

We jumped on the bus as quickly as we could to avoid the rain, and during our drive we saw a sloth on the side of the road. I felt sorry for the poor thing as it as it was surrounded by tourists, not just from our bus but several others, all taking photos on every side, getting closer and closer until one of the guides told us to move away.

They are peculiar looking creatures when seen flat on the ground rather than up in the trees like we had encountered during the night walk.

We then stopped for some coffee a short distance away and a cat joined us at the table.