COSTA RICA: Gallo Pinto COSTA RICA: Gallo Pinto

COSTA RICA: Gallo Pinto

Nothing says Cost Rica quite like the famous Rice & Beans dish, Gallo Pinto. The biggest challenge is finding the Salsa Lizano, the signature flavour of Costa Rica. A few tablespoons are all you need, and in a pinch, you can substitute the much more easily found Wochestershite Sauce, but make an effort to find the genuine article. In Gothenburg, the fantastic is the place to go.

Gallo Pinto is a straightforward recipe. I followed, and it is simply prep the white rice & beans to ensure they are all cooked.

Fry some onions, red pepper, coriander, and salt in some vegetable oil until they are translucent and then add in a small amount of water and the beans. Cook that for a short time and add the Salsa Lizano. Finally, mix in the prepared rice and cook it all through.

Serve it with tortillas and eggs for a traditional breakfast or as a side with your main.