Corporate Stock Imagery

Interesting concept for a shoot and one with a potential for a lot of stock photos. Primarily male models. The shoot took place along Leadenhall street, an old stomping ground of mine I know well, which was useful for finding good locations. Remarkably, not one shot in the market!

Interestingly, with a shoot like this directing is easier and poses are more cheesy but simpler to convey.

I made sure I used a smaller aperture, around f8 to get a better depth of field rather than pushing it as wide as possible, as has been my MO lately. I noticed the problem with some of the landscape shots I had done in Thailand. I do like the effect of a wide aperture on a portrait however...

The reason I like this shot is because it is very fitting with the nature of the shoot itself, Corporate Stock Photography.  It is all to easy to get caught up in the enjoyment of taking images and of using the model in a way that speaks to you as a photographer  that you can ignore the brief given to you. This is not a problem when shooting as an amateur, but something anyone with professional aspirations would need to keep in check.

Regarding the image itself, the blue sky reflected in the background worked very well, but was accidental. the pose was deliberate and something I directed, but the reflected sky is what makes this image. It gives a sense of freedom and an unrestrained nature, as well as cheerfully playing into the "Blue Sky Thinking" buzzword doing the rounds of the corporate world.

Again, this image was done with a fixed prime lens, and a narrow aperture ensuring that the image was almost completely in focus. The sense of victory, success and general image of being a winner came from Wolfgang who really sold the picture. My only disappointment is that he is not more cleanly shaven.