Cliff Jumping Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping

“The experience was adrenaline fuelled, by the end we were all twitching with nervous energy.”

We were collected in a beautiful SUV and headed off to the Gravity Falls. We stopped a short distance away and transferred to a much older Jeep for the final stretch of off road driving, once some cows let us pass. After a short but thorough inclination and getting kitted up with all the safety gear, we started rappelling 45 meter down a slick wall next to a huge waterfall. A dozen meters from the bottom, we let go of everything, pushed off and splashed into the icy water.

It was here I discovered my footwear was not suitable, and it came apart when I hit the water. Waddling out of the cold onto the rocks, one sandal flapping uselessly from my ankle.

Following that startling start, there were a series of waterfall jumps, each steadily more challenging. Early into it, one of the other jumpers helped by tying my shoes together, to give a basic sole to stand on to protect from sharp rocks.

The most terrifying of the jumps was the technical jump, where you had to hit a special point or hit the rocks. Hard.

Towards the end we did a Tarzan swig into a lake, followed by a seven meter jump into a waterfall edged lake. If you had the climbing skills, you could get back to the top of that cliff for another jump.

After a beer or two at the end, we jumped back in the jeep and headed for lunch and to meet those from the group who chose more sedate ways to spend the morning. Once again, rice, beans and meat, but exactly what we all needed. The restaurant was next to a single car suspension bridge, over a wide canyon. We took the chance to get changed into cleaner and dryer clothing.