Chinese New Year Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

This image was taken at the Chinese New Years celebrations and the man in question was a participant at the Trafalga square  venue. I enjoy this image because  of the moment that has been captured here. The man clearly is in the throws of a great time and that is forever captured by this image.

Technically, this was a simple shot, 55mm zoom and a moderate aperture which has kept him in good focus. 

Originally, this was taken in landscape and it works well there with the man on the far right. However I prefer it as a portrait

The image below is the first attempt of really using RAW files. I was able to capture a lot of missing colour. The original lanterns were very dark due to the bright sky, but with some HDR tools I was able to bring out the vibrancy of the lanterns without losing the sky's brilliant blue. It made me realise how much information I was missing in photographs, how much could be done with the right tools.