Camden Photo Shoot

For a long time, I personally found that this was my best work. I spent quite some time doing small edits in the backgrounds to remove a couple of areas of over exposure. I really like the composition here, the fact you can read the words scrubbed into the dirt of the junked car and the  expression of the model, slightly turned away.

I'd actually worked with this particular model before and found her pleasant and talented and she took direction well.

This was an image I directed personally based on an image in my head and it came together well.  There was an off camera flash to the left, which brought out the sequins in the dress. I'd also prefer the background was slightly more out of focus. There has been a solid amount of dodging and burning in the image to  balance certain things out.

The sepia tone brings a sense of nostalgia to the scene which ties in well with the abandoned car and forlorn model.  I wish I'd had the forethought to finish off the partially complete "Scrap Me Please" on the car...


Fashion Camden