Bribri Village Bribri Village

Bribri Village

We then reached the Bribri village and did the chocolate and medicinal herbs tour. We were shown various plants used for natural lipsticks, glue, mosquito solution and other things. Highlighting just how practical indigenous people have been with their environment. Nothing is wasted because waste cannot be afforded.

We also were shown the poisonous frogs used in various indigenous ritual, as well as the famed Costa Rican red eyed frog.

We then assisted in creating the traditional chocolate drink. The Cacao seeds are roasted, crushed with a rock (pestle) and the husks removed. They are then ground to paste, which is added to boiling water with various flavours like sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, chili etc.

We also found out that ‘chocolate’ just meant ‘be careful it is hot’ when it was handed over to the conquistadors.