Brännö Island

Six of our headed out on Saturday morning for Brännö island, off the coast of Gothenburg. Part of the Archipelago that is easily accessible by the many ferries.

Brännö is one of the larger islands in the southern archipelago, and we were hopeful that even in off season there would be things open.

We went exploring, taking the nature walk around the island and onto the neighbouring island of Galtero which is connected by a small bridge. 

The two cafe's we found online were both closed, and so we were resigned to eat something from the small supermarket we had passed at the start of the day. Which closed at 2pm on a Saturday. We decided to walk to the second port and wait the hour to the next boat to another island hoping our luck would be better elsewhere. On the way we passed an unlisted restaurant/cafe and stopped there for food and beers.

We finished up in time to take the ferry back to Salthomen.

As we sailed back to Gothenburg the sun was dipping below the horizon.