Bangkok Bangkok


Bangkok is busy, historic and modern at the same time. The seedy side coexists with a deeply spiritual environment.

Wandered a little far, and got chatting to a guy in the army who had the day off, who was giving me advice on what to do, he told me to take a Tuk-Tuk to these various places for 30Baht and called one over. I told the driver, who was insisting on taking me places I only wanted to go to the hotel, he said, fine, go take a boat..... So I did, got a bit ripped off I think, as rather than take a normal water taxi, I took a rental longboat, but it was just me, and ran direct to the pier I needed, and I got a couple of nice shots.

I had a lovely, but very pink Singapore sling in the rooftop garden and got a good shot or two of the view.

We got together in the lobby and headed out for a cab. Traffic was murder! The driver said it would normally be 100 baht, (2quid) but that he wanted 300. we said, yeah, whatever. Which surprised him I think as I suspect he was hoping to drive us away with the exorbitant 6 pound cost between three of us!

Took us an hour to arrive, and the taxi driver spent most of the time telling us about tours he would be happy to take us on. Which would be fine, but his English was very poor, so it took some figuring out..... When we finally arrived it was half seven, so we were late!

The food at the local stall cost 40-50 baht, so about 80 pence for a large plateful. I had a green curry with a bottle of water, I was still hungry, so went back and had a garlic chicken and spicy basil concoction with a coke. In total I spent about 3 pounds. It was amazing food.

After dinner, we headed to a bar. It was set in the grounds of a derelict petrol station, chairs in the forecourt, pumps still in pace. They served cocktails in buckets. Big, plastic buckets. So, as there were six of us, we had 1 between two. Then another one, then another one. There was something awesome about drinking an excellent Mojito from a plastic bucket, with a straw in a ruins of a petrol station, considering I started my night with a cocktail served at the finest restaurant in Thailand (Apparently....)

Dinner at some random little place on the way home, nice décor though, cocktail bar meets internet cafe. Had a pretty spicy green curry, I was worried because they said 'its spicy, can you handle it?' I replied 'guess we will find out......' but it was fine, spicer than most, but not to the point of deadening taste buds or anything.

Back to the hotel, everyone went their separate ways and I am sat, typing this, at the outdoor bar by the reflecting pool, chocolate Martini (which is delicious, by the way) in hand, generally relaxed and a little tipsy!