Baby Älg Baby Älg

Baby Älg

Recently, the Elk (or Moose if you are American as the North American Elk is a different species) in Slotskogen park have given birth to two calves (or Mooselings). These babies have caused much excitement and many visitors.

Elk are strange creatures that look almost like a horse, drawn by someone who's only ever read about horses and never seen one in real life.

When laying down though, the heads of the babies look like kangaroos, it is only when the stand up on their long spindly legs they reveal their awkward nature.

Some interesting moose facts from Wild Sweden

There are more Moose in Sweden per square kilometre than any other country in the World.
Once a Moose swam from Sweden to Denmark. Unfortunately, after about a week it was hit by a train and died.

And one from Wikipedia.

Orca are the only marine predator for the Elk.