Anais Mitchell

Once again accompanying the Jacket as his Photographer for Fatea Magazine for a performance of Anais Mitchell at 12 Bar near Tottenham Court Road.

There were two warm acts, one, Clarence Bucaro gave me a complimentary CD of his music and were very good, smooth.

Anais typically performs with her band and her most famous performance piece is Hadestown, a folk opera based on the Orpheus. For her 3 nights at 12Bar she was performing alone, but was a captivating performer.

From a photographers point of view, Anais is difficult to capture on film, she moves a lot, both facially and physically and it is all to easy to end up with distinctly unflattering images.

This was difficult to shoot for two reasons, firstly the painfully bright red light washing out the performers always makes it a challenge and secondly the small nature of the venue makes my camera, and its incumbent noise can come across as very intrusive. (I was in fact asked to stop towards the end)

This was the first usage of my Canon, one thing I immediately noticed was the lack of an interior image stabilizer means shooting with a higher ISO, though the quality of noise processing on the Canon compared to the Sony balances it out. It does go to show the advantage of a stabilized lens however and it would be very interesting to see what you could do with a 50mm prime IS on my Canon.

I also took some advice I'd been given and shot a bracket or so underexposed deliberately which reduces the chances the image will be washed out.