Actor Headshots

Last week I got to put some of my studio practice into action. I went along to the More Light rehearsal before they headed up to the Edinburgh Fringe to take a few headshots of the cast.

I used three lights, one softbox to the left of the actor, and above pointing downwards to bring in some Rembrandt lighting. One more softbox to the right, about 50% further away to fill in the light, and one barn door at the rear used for a hair light.

It made it clear to me that my lights are not as adjustable as some of the more professional ones I've used in other places and I need more practice to get the lighting just right, its a little overpowered, and the Rembrandt shadow is largely missing. All they eyes have a clear catch-light however, so they are bringing the right level of attention.

All in all, good, but I could do better if I tried again.